Web Design

Why does your business need a web site?

In any business sector, one thing that you can guarantee is that some new ventures will succeed and many will fail. There are many reasons for business failure, including poor service quality, offering what is perceived to be an inferior product, and having a weak profile and visibility. It is in this last area where we can help you most, although do bear in mind that a website is not a standalone entity.

We will not design web sites with flashy gizmos, poor quality text and irritating navigation: rather, our focus is to raise your business profile and to leverage the power of a web site to distinguish you from your competitors.

You may have noticed that on this site we do not provide a splendid array of colour and layout options for your potential web site and that is intentional. Whilst it is obviously important to have a professional-looking “shop window” for your business, the focus of our offering can be summed up in two words:


We’ll bring your ideas to life!

It all begins with an idea and that idea needs to be translated into a web site.  There are many different types of web site but the ones that we deal with are primarily for businesses or individuals to have an online presence.

The types of web site that we create are:


Who you are, what you do, where you are and when you do it.


The same as informational but also selling from your web site.


For example: Blogging and photo sharing.